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Client Testimonials

Lilly has been going to White Bear Animal Hospital since she was a puppy. I can’t imagine taking her anywhere else. We have always had excellent care. MV

Always have good care and the staff are wonderful. SR

I started bringing Schatzy to your clinic about two years ago, and have had good experiences each time we come. He is troubled with constant allergies. Dr. Stark has been doing her best to keep in top of the problem. We come often! DB

I usually have to come in with my dog and 14 month old. I have a bigger dog and energetic kid which is difficult and they always get me in quick and are helpful throughout the visit. They make it so much easier on me! KP

We have been going to White Bear Animal Hospital since we got our first dog. 8 years later and we have another dog. We couldn’t ask for a better group of people to help us care for them. Even in the scary times, we’ve found comfort there! CM

For as long as we have been going to the White Bear everyone at the clinic has always been kind and helpful. Now our dog is very old and not at all well and you all have been amazing at helping us through this stressful time. Thank you. M

It’s easy to get an appointment. Dr Stark is very kind and knowledge, I trust what she advises for my dogs. The staff are professional and go to extra mile. Thank you! LC

My dad passed away from cancer and he blessed me with the love of his life, his dog Rocky! I wanted to make sure I took good of care of her as he did so I brought her to the same vet I knew if he brought her there they must be amazing! And they... Read More

I am always treated with respect and my dog is treated with care and kindness. The staff understands my dogs issues and treats him gently. SH

I’m always very pleased with the service and care that my pet receives on every visit. The staff at WBL Animal Hospital are truly dedicated to animals and providing good service. KA
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