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2012 Pets Of The Month

Our Pet of the Month is chosen by random drawing from those clients that have completed a Client Survey. In addition to being featured here on our website, the winner receives a $25 credit on their account at our hospital!

Maddy and Bailey owned by Lynn H.


Maddy and Bailey are 4-1/2 year old Lab sisters, Maddy is yellow and Bailey is black. They are rarely apart and if they are separated for even a few minutes they greet each other with lots of sniffing, kisses and tail wagging. They love to run and play together, go for walks and rides in the car. Maddy is the playful, more energetic of the two, she is always ready to play fetch or instigate something with Bailey to get her to play. Maddy is only interested in toys for play. Bailey is the more calm and sensitive of the two, she loves toys and treats them like her puppies taking them outside each day and then gathering them all up at the end of the day to come back in, Bailey can fit a surprising amount of toys in her mouth, sometimes she has so many at one time we have to help her get them out. Both are very loving and happy dogs. The day we got them we actually went for one dog and that dog was Maddy but Bailey was following Maddy everywhere and they seemed to belong together and then there was also the influence of our daughter Leah who tried hard to convince us that they needed to be with each other. So that day we went for one dog and came home with two and we are so glad we did! They have brought us so much happiness and they do belong together. Maddy and Bailey are very excited to be the Pets of the Month as is their family. Thank You White Bear Animal Hospital!

Junior owned by Ruth M.

Lola owned by John and Lisa S.

Willie owned by Tammie P.

Bogi owned by Lara C.

Bailey owned by Rob and Charce C.

Lexi Louise owned by Abby D.

Gus owned by Jackie P.

Chuck owned by Lori T.


Chuck (Chuckles) is a wonderful, intelligent, super sweet service dog. Some of the things he does for me is tug a laundry basket, pick up my crutches, braces for me if I’m on the floor or take a tumble (which I do now and then) and so much more! He goes with me just about everywhere in public and is so sweet and patient with people who want to pet him. When he’s not working for me, he’s a bundle of energy, loves to play tug-a-war, run around crazy and just be a dog. Chuck loves everyone at WBAH–of course he loves when he gets treats there too! Thanks to Dr. Dalton and all the wonderful staff at WBAH for taking such good care of Chuck!

Coco Puff owned by Carole and Rolf O.


We got Coco Puff from Second Chance Animal Rescue in 2009. They said she was about 3 years old and had been picked up as a stray with her brother. A friend of ours knew we were looking for another cocker since our other cocker, Cookie, passed away about 3 months earlier. So we met Coco Puff and fell in love with her before she was even posted on their web site. I renamed her Coco Puff after Cookie and our first cat, Puff. We call Coco Puff our baby girl too. She is extremely lovable and sleeps between us at night. She is buff and white colored with a buff spot on the top of her head. My granddaughter calls that her “kissing spot.”

She loves to go for walks and everyday Rolf takes her into the park. She meets lots of other dogs there and makes friends easily. She and our granddog, Rocket, love each other and spend lots of time together especially at our lake cabin. They can run off leash there and they love it. Coco Puff gets along with everyone she meets. We are very lucky to have adopted her.

Chloe owned by Theresa N.

Bono, Sam and Angel owned by Susan H.

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