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Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats


As with people, vaccinations help keep our pet dogs and cats safe from a wide variety of infectious diseases. The specific vaccinations your pet might need will depend on its age and lifestyle and will be determined after consultation with one of our veterinarians.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)


White Bear Animal Hospital uses Electronic Medical Record keeping or EMR. With EMR, we will no longer record information in our old paper charts, which means we will be using less paper while doing our part to help the environment. Our animal clinic now stores all exam findings, treatment plans, prescriptions, lab results, radiographs, surgery reports, specialists’ reports and email communications directly within our computer system. EMR brings us up to the latest national standards in medical record keeping and allows us to email reports to clients for their records. Our veterinarians and staff can also easily review test results and radiographs with clients, now that we have computer stations in each exam room.

Routine Surgery and Dentistry


The veterinarians at White Bear Animal Hospital are experienced at performing a wide variety of routine surgeries on dogs and cats, including spays, neuters, and tumor removals, as well as more advanced surgeries such as cystotomies, enterotomies, and intestinal resections. Routine dental procedures include complete oral examinations, scaling, and polishing of teeth, digital dental radiographs as well as dental extractions and the surgical removal of oral tumors when necessary. Our anesthetic protocols are designed to minimize your pet’s anesthetic risk and post-operative discomfort. Our veterinary hospital is prepared to deliver outstanding care with both standard and advanced dental care options!

Specialized Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery


For our orthopedic and some of our soft tissue surgical procedures, we enlist the services of local highly experienced board certified veterinary surgeons. These veterinary specialists are able to perform most procedures here in our animal hospital where we can provide both pre- and post-operative care for our patients.


Our CryoProbe cryosurgical unit uses extremely cold pressurized nitrous oxide gas to freeze tissue causing the treated cells to die. Cryosurgery is a great option for removing small benign cutaneous masses, can be performed in the exam room, is extremely accurate, takes only a few seconds to perform, and in most cases, does not require local anesthesia.

Anesthetic Monitoring


To ensure your pet’s safety while they are anesthetized, they will be visually monitored by a veterinary technician as well as mechanically monitored for a variety of important parameters, including heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure and blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

Laser Therapy


Our Class IV LiteCure Companion therapeutic laser machine is useful in the treatment of inflammation and pain (such as arthritis), wounds, infections and to speed post-operative healing. Our 15-watt unit (the most powerful model currently available) uses light of specific wave lengths to penetrate tissue and reduce pain and inflammation, increase blood flow, speed healing, and decrease or eliminate the need for oral medication. Prior to performing laser therapy, your pet will need to be examined by one of our veterinarians. In many cases, x-rays will be required prior to laser therapy to identify problem areas and to screen for cancer. Once we have determined that laser therapy is a good option for your pet, our animal hospital allows you to choose individual treatments or discounted packages of 6 or 10 treatments.



Ultrasonography uses the sound waves of specific wavelengths to image internal organs and is a valuable diagnostic tool for a wide variety of medical conditions. It is complimentary to radiographs (x-rays) as it can often reveal details that are not visible on radiographs. Drs. Dalton, Zupancich, Prochnow, and Nicklay are trained in routine ultrasonography of the abdomen using our ultrasound machine.

OFA Hip and Elbow Certification


For dogs intended for breeding, professional certification of hip and elbow conformation can provide peace of mind that good genetics are being passed to the next generation. We are able to perform the necessary radiographs (x-rays) in our hospital and then submit them to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for rating. Dogs cannot be certified by the OFA until they are at least two years old.

Glaucoma Screening


Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in dogs and is caused by increased fluid pressure in the eye (intraocular pressure or IOP). Our Tono-Pen Avia Vet measures IOP quickly, accurately and painlessly. We recommend checking the IOP in all pets with red eyes, eye or head trauma, in all senior pets and annually in those breeds (and their crosses) that are predisposed to primary or inherited glaucoma. For a list of breeds predisposed to primary glaucoma, click here.

Senior Wellness Screening


Unfortunately, our pets age much more rapidly than we do. A dog or cat is considered to be a senior at age six to nine, depending on breed. We recommend Senior Wellness Testing for all senior pets to screen for a wide variety of diseases and establish a baseline of data for future comparison, to monitor organ function for pets on chronic medications and to provide peace of mind. Our Senior Wellness Screening is discussed in greater detail on our Senior Pets page under the Resources and Education tab.

HomeAgain Microchipping


Unfortunately, many pets will become separated from their owner’s at least once during their lifetime. That’s why the best way to ensure your pet’s safe return is to have them implanted with a HomeAgain microchip. A HomeAgain microchip provides permanent identification in the event that your pet is lost or stolen and recovered. Most veterinary clinics, humane societies, rescue groups and animal control offices have scanners that can detect microchips. HomeAgain microchips are often implanted during elective surgeries such as spays and neuters, but can also be performed on awake pets with minimal discomfort. Our veterinary hospital often recommends this option to ensure the well-being of your pet.

TeleVet Care App

TeleVet Care App

TeleVet Care is an app that allows you to access your pet’s information, view preventive care history, request appointments, text with our team, order prescription refills, and more. To create your FREE TeleVet Care account, simply download the app from wherever you get your apps and enter your email address or phone number.

Parasite Testing and Control


Our pet dogs and cats are vulnerable to infection by a wide variety of intestinal parasites, including roundworms (pictured at right), hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, Giardia and Coccidia. Unfortunately, some of these parasites can be transmitted to people. In order to keep your pet and your family as healthy as possible, our animal clinic recommends annual testing of pet feces for intestinal parasites as well as the monthly administration of medication to prevent infection. The specific recommendations for your pet will depend on their lifestyle and will be discussed with you directly by our veterinary technicians and veterinarians.

Heartworm Testing, Treatment and Prevention


Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes. Heartworm infection can result in potentially life-threatening diseases because the parasitic worms live in the blood vessels between the heart and lungs. Essentially, all dogs as well as cats that spend time outdoors are susceptible to heartworm infection. Our veterinarians strongly recommend annual testing to check for heartworm infection as well as the use of year-round monthly medication to prevent the disease.

Prescription Diets – Hill’s, Purina, Royal Canin


Many of our patients benefit from the use of prescription diets in order to help resolve a wide variety of medical conditions, including kidney and liver diseases, gastrointestinal upset, bladder stones, allergies and excessive weight. Our animal clinic stocks a number of specific prescription diets that are available in dry and/or canned forms, including Hill’s, Purina and Royal Canin. These prescription diets are not available over the counter at pet supply stores without a veterinarian’s prescription.

Practitioner Preceptor Program for Veterinary Students

As part of their education, veterinary students are required to spend time out in the the field, visiting private practices to gain firsthand experience and knowledge of veterinary hospitals and procedures. We have been fortunate enough to host several students over the years and look forward to these visits as they provide us the opportunity to both teach and be taught.

Shadow-A-Vet, Shadow-A-Tech

Students in middle-school and high-school often express an interest in pursuing veterinary medicine as a possible career path. In order to help these students decide if veterinary medicine is the right career choice for them, we offer them the opportunity to spend time shadowing our veterinarians and/or our veterinary technicians during appointments, treatments and surgeries.
Our animal clinic is always happy to see new generations become interested in the world of veterinary health and medicine!

Community Outreach: On-Site Tours or Off-Site Visits with Animals


The fourth part of our veterinary hospital’s Mission Statement involves serving our community. That’s why we offer on-site hospital tours as well as off-site visits FREE of charge. During off-site visits, we can bring along one of our own pets when appropriate. These on-and-off site visits can be tailored to the target audience based on age and interest. Contact our veterinary hospital today to learn about our community outreach programs!

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