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2015 Pets Of The Month

Our Pet of the Month is chosen by random drawing from those clients that have completed a Client Survey. In addition to being featured here on our website, the winner receives a $25 credit on their account at our hospital!

Petey owned by Liz H.

Sofia owned by Kasmynn C.

Louie owned by Blair and Kari L.

Poppy owned by Athena P.

Emma Rose owned by Sheri B.

Fiona owned by Kasmynn C.

Molly owned by Kelly P.

Sirius owned by Christina and Matthew C.

Loki, Thor and Cassie (left to right) owned by Julie E.

Engbrecht Dogs

Gemma owned by Nancy A.

My beautiful picture

Gemma is a happy dog. The only thing that makes her tail drop is thunder. She chews through metal doors if alone in a storm. Her fur naturally repels dirt so she stays white without baths.

Roxy owned by Kevin R.


Thank you for choosing Miss Roxy! Roxy is a rescue and even though we have only had her a short time, we are in love. She loves snuggling on the couch or on the bed also has became great friends with our other pit Ally. They are 2 peas in a pod. She is extremely mellow at times and then when outside she lets loose. Loves walks and is amazing on the leash. Great addition to our family.

Thanks White Bear Animal Hospital!

Dunbar owned by Tom and Terry W.


Dunbar is one of the best natured dogs we have had in our family. Every day is a good day to him. Loves to just be part of the family. We are very lucky to have him in our lives.

White Bear Animal Hospital