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2010 Pets Of The Month

Our Pet of the Month is chosen by random drawing from those clients that have completed a Client Survey. In addition to being featured here on our website, the winner receives a $25 credit on their account at our hospital!

Toni owned by Rick, Denise, Toni & Sammie M.


We adopted Toni from All Dog Rescue in January 2009, as a result of a search on Toni’s Petfinder bio told us that she was a year-old Rat Terrier-Chihuahua mix that got along with cats. Perfect for us, since our kitten was 6-months old at that time. We went to see Toni that Saturday at the adoption open house and knew right away she was the dog for us! Toni came home with us that day. Toni is full of fun, energy, and lots of love! She and her feline sister, Sammie, race each other around inside the house, investigate every little noise, have daily wrestling matches, and curl up together to nap. They have even tag-teamed to catch a mouse! Toni loves peanut butter, furry squeaky toys, and sleeping in bed under the covers.Thank you White Bear Animal Hospital!

Hines owned by Shari and Mike S.


Chloe owned by Theresa N.

Lucy owned by Carla M.


Addy owned by Scott and Cindy J.

Larry owned by Gloria K.


Larry is quite a funny guy. He has pretty blue crossed eyes and is tall and lanky. He is almost 15 years old. When my grandson Michael was a toddler, he came to live with us from Chicago and Larry was part of the package. Larry screamed in my husbands ear all 400 miles on the trip here. We started calling him Chicago Larry because he didn’t fit his original name of Puddy Cat. Larry was sick with Giardia when he first came to live with us. We treated him for quite awhile and he finally got over it. He is very mellow except for car rides. Larry gets along well with our other cats and dogs. Larry rubs his paws on the wood of the doors to get them a little sweaty and then puts them around the door knob and opens them that way. He used to love laying on the large fish tank and would take a drink once in awhile during the fish feedings. One day the huge Ariawana fish bit his tongue, so he never tried to drink out of the tank again. Chicago Larry is also a great mouser. The few times a mouse wondered in, it was Larry to the rescue.His best friend is Bill Bentley (Bill has a bent tail), who is another one of our senior cats. Larry and Bill love to nap together and hang out. Recently Larry has been diagnosed with thyroid disease, so he is on medication every day. Chicago Larry has been a great pet and has really added to our family.

Buddy owned by Barb O.


Maggie owned by Marcia and Larry M.

Shadow (left) and Riley (right) owned by Lisa W.


Once upon a time, there was a family who had to say goodbye to a very old, beloved family pet. They had many talks about what dog might be the next family member. The Mom wanted a cuddly “purse puppy,” but all the boys wanted a BIG dog who would play Frisbee. Whatever dog they got needed to be as non-shedding as possible due to family allergies. Golden doodles seemed to be the “favorite,” but hoping to influence the others with cute little cuddle puppies, a trip to pet stores was arranged. At one store, there were newly arrived Goldendoodles and Riley (a girl) came to live at our house in July of 2007. A summer of learning to pee outside and bonding with her sweet, loving personality ensued. The next Christmas, the Mom of this family went to visit her Mom in Florida. It had become clear that Grandma was not able to take care of her little poodle, Shadow, who had been born in March of 2007 (just two months before Riley). Shadow came home on the airplane, changed into a Santa suit and was instantly greeted and loved, especially by Riley. They played in the snow, growled over toys and delighted us all with their complementary temperaments. They could even be found snuggled together sleeping soundly. Riley and Shadow who are our “girls” are wonderful additions to our family. P.S. Riley has learned to play Frisbee.

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