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2011 Pets Of The Month

Our Pet of the Month is chosen by random drawing from those clients that have completed a Client Survey. In addition to being featured here on our website, the winner receives a $25 credit on their account at our hospital!

Patches owned by Mary B.


Meow! My name is Patches – and you can see me drinking out of my special cup of water in the living room!

From about July – November 1989 I was living at the Otter Lake Animal Shelter, hoping for someone to adopt me. One day in November, Mary and her son Dan came in to look at all of us cats as their 16-year old cat Cuddles had died, and Mary really missed her. They liked me and took me to Mary’s home! I was very frightened, yowled all the way home in the car, and did not come out of the basement for a few days because I was scared and sick. But then I decided that my home would be a friendly one and started to join the family. When I was taken to White Bear Animal Hospital to be spayed, the doctor found a lead pellet embedded in my shoulder and rubbing on the bone, so he removed it and my owners then understood why I was limping and why am so frightened of men with loud voices and baseball caps – especially if they are carrying lawn tools or sticks! Because of my fear of going out and maybe meeting a scary man, Mary bought me a harness and a long leash, and we have been going together for walks outside that way for years – that way I feel safe. I even wear my harness to the vets’ office to feel safe.I have a very happy life – I have a cup of water on the table in the living room so I can enjoy drinking in there with the rest of the family when they are watching TV, and lots of dry and wet food in the kitchen for me to eat whenever I want. I love to snuggle in blankets on someone’s lap and to get petted a lot. I am very talkative – and follow my owner around the house whenever she gets home, meowing all the time.

About three years ago I started to get sick – I had spasms and was in a lot of pain. Fortunately, first Dr. Scanlan and now Dr. Dalton have diagnosed me to have hyperthyroidism and have been able to prescribe some medicine that is rubbed into my ear every day to balance my thyroid – so I have to get transdermal medicine which arrives monthly in the mail in a box addressed to me as CAT PATCHES! (I won’t swallow pills – I save them under my tongue and spit them out whenever no one is watching!) I have to be careful what I eat, also. I go for checkups on my blood and other levels regularly at White Bear Animal Hospital – but Dr. Dalton and the nurses and technicians are so gentle with me there that I am not too frightened to visit.Now I am about 12 years old, they think – and feeling pretty healthy! Mary says I am very soft, and we think we make a great pair as friends! Thanks to White Bear and Otter Lake Animal Hospital staffs for caring for us stray cats, and making us available to be adopted by loving owners! Mary says to thank all of you too for many years of outstanding veterinary care for all our family cats! And thanks to Dr. Dalton and the staff for making me Pet of the Month!


Sophie and Mimi owned by Shelley P.

Reggie owned by Tina A.

Simone owned by Mark P.

Sam owned by Barb Y.

Karl, Oscar, Kristina and Gustav owned by Sharon K.

Left to Right: Bruno, Zoey and Taylor owned by Jan P.


Bruno is a four year old Weimaraner.We got him in 2009. He is a cuddly boy and a big baby. He loves to sleep under the covers and go for walks. He thinks he is a little lap dog.

Zoey is a three year old Catahoula leopard dog redbone coonhound mix? We’re not entirely sure what she is. We adopted her from the Woodbury Humane Society in December of 2008 when she was nine months old. She is a very sweet girl. She is shy but she definitely loves her family. She loves cats, playing with her dog buddies, going for walks and learning new tricks. She’s a very smart girl.Taylor is our oldest boy. He is an American Foxhound and he was born on November 2, 1997 which makes him almost 14! We got him in 2000 from Second Chance Animal Rescue. He has come a long way from the scared, aggressive, emaciated dog he was when we got him. He is a very gentle old man and spends his days napping, getting treats and going for short walks around the block. His favorite thing to do is cuddle. He also loves being brushed and going to Chuck and Don’s to meet new doggy friends and get treats from the staff.

Oscar and Kirby owned by Lynn A and Brodie H.

Rocky and Lucy owned by Jane M.


Kelley and Amos owned by Christine C.

Mocha owned by Patricia M.


Mocha is a Yorkshire terrier and is 4 years old. He is a happy, energetic little dog who thinks he is a big dog. He smiles often showing us his pearly whites (thanks to a recent teeth cleaning). Mocha gets the paper for me every morning, which has been especially convenient this cold, snowy winter. He is very found of picking up large sticks on our walks and carefully balancing them until we reach home (sometimes this takes several efforts). He has many dog and people friends in the neighborhood and would love to meet you, as he assumes all humans want to be his friend!

Bailey owned by Nick L.

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