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Thank you for visiting the White Bear Animal Hospital website. White Bear Animal Hospital is an assumed business name for the professional firm Stuart B. Dalton DVD, P.A. Please note that the information located on this site is to provide educational information only and is not intended to provide specific veterinary medicine advice. The information contained herein may assist you in identifying or understanding health issues relating to, and regarding, your pet, but you should not act on such information until you have consulted with a qualified veterinarian and the veterinarian has had an opportunity to exam your pet.

We welcome the receipt of electronic mail. Please be advised, however, that the act of sending electronic mail to White Bear Animal Hospital or a specific veterinarian does not alone create the necessary relationship between a veterinarian and the animal-patient or owner-client. Thus, any information you send us in an electronic mail message does not trigger the same level of care as when your pet is examined by the veterinarian in person, especially considering that the veterinarian will very likely NOT have the animal-patient’s full health history available to reference when providing a response, if any. It is very important that you understand that the veterinarian may not see your email message for some time, so if your pet is in medical distress or otherwise ill, take it to the closest animal hospital immediately.

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